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   1- 2:  Vacant 10:   Hays Travel B1:   Superdrug K1:   Timpsons
3:   BH Foundation 11:   The Works B2:   Bon Marche  Kiosk-1:   Costa
4:   Costa 12:   Shoe Zone    B3-4:   Savers Kiosk-2:   e-Vapes
5:   St.Vincent's 13:   Vacant    B5-6:   Amazon Locker Mall:   Coffee Shop
6:    Vacant (was Clarks) 14:   Specsavers C1:   Home Bargains Mall:   Enchanting Delights
7:   Card Factory 15:   Megabites C2:   Poundland Mall:   Browlash Boutique
8:   Vacant    A1:   Morrison's C3:   MEGABITE Mall:   Mall: Mobile Booth
9:   Holland & Barrett   A2:   Job Centre Plus C4:   Heron Foods    

    9-16 | 17-24 | 25-30  

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